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Support Articles - Bluetooth Technology Bluetooth Cell Phone Card Pair and Configure your Bluetooth Cell Phone with your Vantage Lite. - AAC and Speech Devices from PRC
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Support » Bluetooth Technology » Bluetooth Cell Phone Card
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Pair and Configure your Bluetooth Cell Phone with your Vantage Lite.
This example uses the link to the Phone Configuration screen through Phone Dial Pad, however the MAINTENANCE MENU also has a Phone Configuration menu which is slightly different from the menu used in this article.1. From the PHONE Activity Row, select the PHONE DIAL PAD key .2. Select the Phone Configuration key.В  3. On your phone, go to the "Bluetooth Menu". To find this menu you may have to read the manual that came with your phone.4. Put your phone in "discoverable" mode. Note:В  "Discoverable mode" on your phone may be labeled "discoverable" or "paired" or "find me" or something else entirely. Different Bluetooth cell phones call the pair button different things. If you are unsure which option to select, look at the instructions that came with your cell phone.5. On your Vantage Lite select the Pair to Phone key . 6. Your phone will display a message asking you to enter a passcode.On your phone, enter four zeros: 0000. You must use this passcode. Then select OK orthe button on your phone that accepts your selections and exits.7. When your cell phone is paired with the Vantage Lite you will see "Paired" or "Connected" in the Bluetooth Status box in the Phone Configuration Menu. You will also see Bluetooth cell phone icons in the Status Display Area of the Vantage Lite.Text Messaging If your cell phone supports Bluetooth text messaging, you will see "Text Messaging Supported" in the Bluetooth Status box. If you do not see this message, your phone will not support Bluetooth text messaging. IMPORTANT NOTE:В  Even with advanced technology these days, there are a very limited number of phones available that are capable of sending text messages using a Bluetooth signal.В  We have found 3 phones available.В  The Sony Ericsson W580, W350 and W760a.В  These phones were testedВ using A T $ T wireless support.В  Due to constant change with technology, the phones listed may have been discontinued since this article was posted.В  Please check with your service provider for a list of available phones.Bluetooth Icons Visible in Status Display AreaThe green figure to the left of the cell phone indicates the battery charge. A blue phone indicates you are not using the phone.The green phone indicates that you are talking on the phone.This icon indicates that you are making or receiving a call.The Paired Devices key allows you to view all the Bluetooth cell phones you have been paired with.The Disconnect key allows you to disconnect (or "un-pair") from the phone you are currently using.The Ringer Menu allows you to set the standard tones for Ringer and Notify Message. The ability to import ring tones will be available in future software development.Also in the Phone Configuration menu are Internal and Audio Volume Controls. Internal Input Volume and Internal Output Volume refer to the VTL.There is also an option to Turn Bluetooth Beep Output OFF/ON. When this is ON the person you are talking to will be able to hear your Vantage Lite beep as you make message selections. If you turn it OFF, the listener will not hear anything while you select your messages. Support » Bluetooth Technology » Bluetooth Cell Phone Card
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